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Serverupdate auf R9
10.04.2010 um 22:39 Uhr - Joker

Vorgestern Abend wurde nun die neue BFBC II Serverversion veröffentlicht.

Sie wird von DICE liebevoll R9 genannt.

Eine wesentliche Verbesserung der neuen Serverversion ist die Teambalance, welche von der Community denke ich am meisten begrüßt wird.

Alle Änderungen, die die R9 Server-Version mit sich bringt, findet ihr unter "Weiterlesen"


mfg Joker

  • admin.say command implemented
    - the output currently looks a bit funky on the game client, like so: Player: [Server]:
    but with the next game client it will look like: Server:
  • admin.yell to squad has changed (you need to specify both team and squad)
  • squad numbering has changed – the “no squad” squad has ID 0, and real squads are 1 and up.
  • Autobalance improved, it shuffles people both during and between rounds now, and does a better job.
  • mapList* commands reworked
  • banList* commands reworked
  • listPlayers command added
  • admin.listPlayers command reworked (GUID, kills, deaths, ping and score added)
  • Players have non-PB GUIDs now (these are distinct from PB GUIDs)
  • onChat event reworked
    - now it specifies target player subset as well
    - shows text before profanity filtering
    - client-originated chat messages starting with “/” make it to the server, and broadcast via onChat, but are not broadcast to other game clients
    - use “/!” if you want to be able to send commands to your homemade rcon tools without showing the commands to other players
  • player.onAuthenticated added
  • player.onSquadChange, player.onTeamChange implemented
  • Couple of crash fixes
  • Support for “region” setting
  • bugfixed
  • mapList.nextLevelIndex is always pointing out which map will be run during the next round (so during round 1 on a 2-round map, the nextLevelIndex will point to the map currently being played)
  • exposed number of rounds per maps in maplist.txt, and via the remote admin commands

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